Modix's next-gen printers are faster

Jan. 13, 2023
Upgrades are available for existing printers. Features include independent dual extruders.

3D printers Modix offers a portfolio of large-format fused-filament-fabrication 3D printers. They give users the ability to print large prototypes and final parts in a single piece, avoiding the need to assemble multiple smaller sections. The large printers all come delivered as self-assembly kits, which makes it easy to transport them through standard-sized doors.  

What’s new? Modix’s Generation (Gen.) 4 printers. They introduce a range of upgrades that now are offered as standard, including independent dual extruders that allow the printers to create complex geometries with the use of water-soluble filament supports. More powerful Nema-23 motors are now included, allowing for higher printing speeds. Fully automated gantry calibration and automated bed tilt also are included.  

Benefits Improved reliability, speed and print quality. Modix’s self-assembly format makes it possible for users to update their Gen. 3 printers, rather than requiring that they buy a completely new printer. Users can integrate individual Gen. 4 components to update their printer, or completely update their printer, as best fits their needs. Modix is still finalizing its price list, but a basic upgrade of a Gen. 3 printer would cost approximately $1,800 to $2,200, while a complete update would cost about $2,200 to $2,600.  

Modix Modular Technologies Ltd., Ramat Gan, Israel, 972-584-486-725, 
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