Upgrade opens up materials options for Nexa3D printers

Jan. 6, 2023
Professional series versions of the NXE 400Pro and NXE 200Pro printers allow them to print with a wider range of materials, including resins with higher viscosity.

NXE First launched in 2019, Nexa3D’s NXE series of 3D printers offers rapid prototyping, production tooling and full-scale manufacturing. The company’s ultrafast lubricant sublayer photo-curing technology provides increased productivity and part accuracy.    

What’s new? The Professional series upgrade, available with the NXE 400Pro and NXE 200Pro printers. They can print with a wider range of materials than the standard versions of the printers, including resins with higher viscosity. A Pro Upgrade Kit makes these capabilities available for users of existing NXE printers. 

Benefits An expanded material portfolio that accommodates new resins tailored for ultrafast printing. The Pro series offers a new auto-homing capability for higher production yields, while its build plates drain resin more efficiently, cutting waste and turnaround times and lowering operating costs. The NXE 400Pro has a build volume of 16 liters and is as much as 20 times more productive than other stereolithography and digital light processing 3D printers on the market, according to the company. Nexa3D lists the NXE 200Pro at a price of $39,995, and the NXE 400Pro for $49,995.  

Nexa3D, Ventura, Calif., 805-364-5441,  www.nexa3d.com 

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