Thermwood introduces larger 3-D printers

June 28, 2021
New wide-gantry design brings 15-foot-wide build tables to its LSAM printer line.

LSAM printers Thermwood manufactures large-scale 3-D printers, from systems with a 5-foot-by-5-foot build table to dual-gantry systems with a 10-foot-by-40-foot table and printing and trimming capabilities. The company’s LSAM printers also can be enlarged, with the table lengths expandable in 10-foot increments. The LSAM line of printers also uses a thermal sensor to monitor the temperature of each layer, which can automatically control the bead temperature to optimize bonding between layers. The LSAM print head can be equipped with 40mm or 60mm print cores, which can print about 200 pounds of polymer per hour to more than 500 pounds per hour, respectively.

What’s new? Wide-gantry design. Printers with the new design have a table 15 feet wide, with configurations starting at a 20-foot length, which can be increased in 10-foot increments. So a printer with the 15-foot-wide table and a length of 40 feet would be designated the LSAM 1540.

Benefits Capacity to build larger parts. The new design features a more robust wall structure to support the gantry, which uses its printer head to produce a near-net part that it then finishes with its trim head.

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