Essentium printer has print speeds up to 15 times competitors'

May 31, 2021
The HSE 280i HT has dual extruder heads that are fully independent on the X and Y axes.

HSE 280i HT This dual-extruder 3-D printer from Essentium is built with a non-slip, high-torque extrusion system and all-linear servo motors. It has a build volume as large as 2.3 by 1.6 by 2 feet, depending on the printer’s manufacturing mode.

What’s new? Independent dual-extruder technology. Each extruder head is fully independent on the X and Y axes.

Benefits Print speeds of more than 1.6 feet per second, which Essentium says is five to 15 times the speed of competitors’ printers. This, combined with a multimodal heating method that allows the fused-filament fabrication printer to begin printing without having to wait for the chamber to heat up, allows for industrial-scale production of parts while reducing post-processing costs. The HSE 280i HT is an open-ecosystem printer, so users can print with any Essentium material as well as with filaments from other companies.

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