Extruder ensures fast printing of large parts

May 5, 2021
Dyze Design's Pulsar extruder can be used with Cincinnati Inc.'s Medium Area Additive Manufacturing (MAAM) printer to print resins that require high temperatures.
Medium Area Additive Manufacturing (MAAM) printer Featuring a rigid welded frame and CNC controls, Cincinnati Inc.’s MAAM is an industrial-sized additive manufacturing machine built for production manufacturing. Its dual-print-head design allows for multi-material printing. The system is built for compatibility with a wide range of temperature requirements and materials, including highly engineered thermoplastics, such as polyetherimide, PEEK, polyetherketoneketone and polyphenylsulfone. The $7,949 printer includes a humidity-controlled cabinet and features Wifi and ethernet connectivity. It can be used to make jigs, fixtures, molds, aerospace tooling, prototypes and customized and complex parts.

What’s new? The availability of the Pulsar pellet extruder, from Dyze Design, LeMoyne, QuebecThe large-scale, high-flow plastic pellet extruder is designed as an optional extruder for the MAAM, but is compatible with any large-scale 3-D printer or even robotic arms. To maintain optimal melt temperature, the extruder features a triple-heat-zone design. The top section receives cold pellets and generates more heat to melt them. Then, the middle zone stabilizes the polymer at a precise temperature. Finally, the nozzle heater ensures even flow.  

Benefits Cost-effective, quick printing of parts with dimensions of about 3.3 feet in all directions. The nozzle is abrasion-resistant and can handle higher temperatures than the MAAM’s other extruder, which is designed for 2.85mm filament and maximum temperature of 842 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Cincinnati Inc., Harrison, Ohio, 513-367-7100, www.e-ci.com 

 Dyze Design's Pulsar extruder 

Weight 15.4 pounds 
Nozzle diameters 1mm, 3mm and 5mm 
Maximum throughput 5.5 pounds per hour 
Maximum temperature 932 degrees Fahrenheit 
Heating power 800 watts