Software simulates, tracks costs of 3-D printing

April 20, 2021
Digimat can now use CT scan images of composite polymer 3-D printed parts to refine material models.

Digimat This software from e-Xstream engineering, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, lets businesses accurately simulate the 3-D printing of parts and can compare the cost to that of manufacturing them via conventional methods. The software can calculate total production costs, broken down by material utilization, employee time, energy and post-processing steps.

What’s new? Digimat 2021.1. With this new version, manufacturers can CT scan a composite polymer 3-D printed part and import the image. The software allows manufacturers to model the behavior of its two-phase microstructure — for example, fiber orientation within a carbon-reinforced polymer part.

Benefits  Part optimization. CT scan validation helps refine the material models and allows users to better predict the effect fiber orientation will have mechanical performance, so they can troubleshoot areas of possible weakness. Armed with accurate models, engineers can troubleshoot quality issues and make adjustments to reduce material use or avoid points of failure.

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