Cabinet controls filament humidity

Feb. 19, 2021
BCN3D's Smart Cabinet can be integrated with its 3-D printers and extend viability of filaments.

Smart Cabinet Barcelona-based BCN3D’s Smart Cabinet provides a climate-controlled environment for the filaments used by its 3-D printers. Air circulating in the chamber carries moisture to a silica gel. Once the gel is saturated, it is isolated from the filaments in the chamber, then heated to purge moisture from the system. The cabinet can hold up to eight small spools, or four large spools, and has a tool drawer to keep needed utensils organized. In the U.S., BCN3D’s products are distributed by Matterhackers, Lake Forest, Calif.; Dynamism, Chicago; and Archematerial, Fairfax, Va.

What’s new? The Smart Cabinet, which will be available this spring.

Benefits Extended material life. By controlling the humidity level of the filaments, Smart Cabinet keeps them viable longer, as well as protecting prints from failure due to excessive moisture. BCN3D’s Epsilon W50 and W27 printers, as well as the Sigma D25, can stack on top of the Smart Cabinet, and its uninterruptible power source can provides enough time for the printer to return to the home position in case of a loss of power.

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