Curing system improves dimensional accuracy, strength

Jan. 25, 2021
Nexa3D's xCure can tailor UV wavelength and temperature to the resin a part was printed with.

xCure This curing system for 3-D printed parts from Nexa3D balances specific temperature and UV wavelength settings to cure parts with a volume as large as 16 liters, which is the maximum build size of the company’s NXE 400 printer. Its chamber holds up to three build plates, or parts can be placed in a basket to be cured.

What’s new? The xCure, which debuted in October.

Benefits Optimized curing. Featuring six LED strips with dual UV wavelengths, it has curing profiles pre-set for all of Nexa3D’s resins, as well as the option for users to input custom information for other resins. The chamber can be precisely set to any temperature between 86 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It can accommodate large prints, and ensures parts achieve their maximum dimensional accuracy and strong molecular structures.

Nexa3D, Ventura, Calif., 805-465-9001,

Vital statistics

External dimensions (in inches)

21 by 20 by 32

Internal dimensions (in inches)

15.5 by 10.75 by 25.75

UV wavelengths

365 and 405 nanometers


110 pounds