Henkel, Carbon partner on clear resin for 3-D printing

Oct. 19, 2020
The semi-rigid, clear Loctite material is durable and resilient, and offers high-quality mechanical properties; potential applications include enclosures and housings, light pipe prototypes, bottle prototypes and jigs and fixtures for production floors.

PMM staff report

Carbon and Henkel announced an expansion of their partnership agreement Monday, making Henkel’s Loctite 3D IND405 Clear resin available for use in Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis 3-D printing technology 

The one-part resin’s potential applications include enclosures and housings, light pipe prototypes, bottle prototypes and jigs and fixtures for production floors. The semi-rigid, clear material is durable, resilient and offers high-quality mechanical properties to ensure it delivers consistent parts.  

“We are excited to be partnering with Henkel to add this material to our portfolio of resins,” said Jason Rolland, senior VP of materials at Carbon, in a press release. “Our customers have asked us for a clear material that is tough, durable and high impact-resistant. Loctite 3D IND405 meets those needs, and we’re committed to continuing to provide product developers the widest range of best-in-class materials.” 

Henkel provides industrial solutions to a broad variety of industries, and its Loctite brand offers a growing portfolio of resins for photopolymer 3-D printing. Combining the Carbon DLS printing process, Henkels materials expertise and highly vetted workflow print settings, the companies aim to enable additive manufacturing at scale.  

Simon Mawson, senior VP and head of 3-D printing at Henkel, said in the press release, “We believe that the single-component technologies from Loctite, coupled with the Carbon DLS process, provide a best-in-class solution that enables higher precision, better functionality and outstanding economics. Together that puts us in a great position to deliver on additive manufacturing’s promise to transform industrial manufacturing.” 

Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology creates 3-D printed parts from a pool of liquid resin using light and oxygen. Read more about the process in an interview with co-founder Joseph DeSimone: https://plasticsmachinerymagazine.com/21094630  

For more information: 

Carbon Inc., Redwood City, Calif., 650-285-6307, www.carbon3d.com 

Henkel North America, Rocky Hill, Conn., 860-571-5100, www.henkel-northamerica.com