Specialized tools improve powder handling for Sinterit printers

Nov. 10, 2020
Sinterit introduced accessories for its Lisa and Lisa Pro 3-D printers that keep printing powder in its place.

Lisa and Lisa Pro Sinterit’s Lisa and Lisa Pro SLS 3-D printers use selective laser sintering (SLS) technology to make prototype and production parts from a wide variety of resins. 3D Herndon distributes the printers in the U.S. for the Kraków, Poland, manufacturer.   

What’s new? Additional accessories for powder handling. Sinterit now sells its printing resins in a larger container that holds 13.2 pounds of powder and has created a funnel that can easily be attached to it. The company also has added functionality to its IO Box, which is used for removing finished prints. Now, when users are filling the printer’s powder bin, they can use the metal IO Box to ensure that the powder falls only into the bin and does not contaminate nearby printer components. Lastly, the company’s new foldable tray provides a portable workspace for initial post-processing steps and catches any stray powder for reuse. 

Benefits Better powder management for a cleaner workplace. Filling the printer is faster and easier, and the accessories keep printing powder where it belongs and out of the air.   

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