Printer makes parts larger than its predecessor

Nov. 6, 2020
Peopoly's Phenom L uses masked stereolithography (MSLA) to quickly cure a full layer at a time.

Phenom L This resin 3-D printer from Peopoly uses MSLA (masked stereolithography), which combines LED and LCD technologies, allowing it to quickly cure a full layer at a time. It can be used for prototyping, custom part making and for short runs of parts. Matter Hackers is the U.S. representative for Hong Kong-based Peopoly. 

What’s new? The Phenom L.

Benefits Larger, faster printing. The Phenom L creates parts that are 50 percent larger than those of its predecessor, the Phenom — and can produce them 20 percent faster. It can print large single parts, or batches of small parts in a single print run. The Phenom L is available for $2,999.

Matter Hackers, Lake Forest, Calif., 949-613-5838,

Vital statistics        
Printer size (inches)        

20.7 by 15.6 by 30.7

Print volume (inches)

13.6 by 7.7 by 15.7

Vat capacity

5.5 pounds

Pixel pitch

90 microns

UV light power

100 watts

Unit weight

128 pounds