MakerBot software enhances 3-D printer workflow

Oct. 13, 2020
MakerBot CloudPrint makes it easier for teams to collaborate remotely on 3-D printing projects.

MakerBot CloudPrint MakerBot’s workflow software is designed to enhance the productivity of its 3-D printers and help users collaborate with each other.  

What’s new? The software, which replaces the company’s MakerBot Cloud product and has several new and upgraded features. Updates include speed optimizations, print performance improvements and upgraded slicing and previewing options. MakerBot CloudPrint lets users add, monitor and control access to connected MakerBot printers from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it can generate reports to analyze printer performance.  

Benefits Enhanced productivity, streamlined workflows and easier collaboration. Software users can prepare, queue, print, monitor and manage their print jobs from a centralized, cloud-based app. MakerBot CloudPrint allows users to prioritize print jobs by project and easily reorder the jobs in the print queue, reducing printer downtime between projects. Teams can share access to connected MakerBot 3-D printers, even when working remotely. The software is free to use. 

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