Blaster finishes parts made by Sinterit printer

July 10, 2020
The new Sandblaster XL accessory for the Sinterit Lisa Pro selective-laser-sintering printer makes part cleaning easier.
Sinterit Lisa Pro This selective-laser-sintering printer from Sinteritsp. z o.o.Kraków, Poland, can be used to make prototype parts or small batches of production parts. It can use a variety of materials, including polyamide and TPE resins, with accuracy to within 0.1mm. Current users include auto manufacturers. In the U.S., 3D Herndon distributes Sinterit equipment.

What’s new? Availability of new accessory, the Sandblaster XL, which cleans and polishes the parts made by the Sinterit Lisa Pro.  

Benefits Comfortable, fast and safe cleaning of parts. Though compact, the Sandblaster XL also has twice as much workspace as Sinterit’s original Sandblaster. Multiple nozzles are available to suit the job.  

3D Herndon, Herndon, Va., 800-627-4886, 

Vital Statistics

Maximum part size, based on diagonal measurement 

Printer size 

Sinterit Lisa Pro  12.4 inches  2.3 feet by 1.6 feet by 2.9 feet  198 pounds 

Dimensions  Weight  Working area 
Sandblaster XL  2.5 feet by 1.6 feet by 2.3  59.5 pounds  2.2 feet by 1.5 feet by 1.4