Accessories speed turnaround for Sinterit printers

June 19, 2020
The Cyclone Separator and ATEX vacuum cleaner keep unsintered powder under control.
Sinterit Lisa and Sinterit Lisa Pro These selective-laser-sintering printers from Sinterit sp. z o.o., Kraków, Poland, can be used to make prototypes or small batches of final parts. The printers can use a variety of materials, including polyamide and TPE resins, with accuracy to within 0.1mm. Current users include auto manufacturers. In the U.S., 3D Herndon distributes Sinterit equipment.

What’s new? Availability of two new accessories, the Cyclone Separator, which separates unsintered powder from flowing air, and the ATEX vacuum cleaner, which collects and cleans unsintered powder.

Benefits The safe and complete recovery of all unsintered powder. With the Cyclone Separator and ATEX vacuum cleaner, Sinterit printer users can move from one print job to another within 10 minutes.

3D Herndon, Herndon, Va., 800-627-4886,

Vital statistics

Maximum part size, based on diagonal measurement

          Printer size                  Weight        
          Sinterit Lisa                  9.4 inches                  2 feet by 1.3 feet by 2.2 feet         

90 pounds

          Sinterit Lisa Pro                  12.4 inches        

2.3 feet by 1.6 feet by 2.9 feet

198 pounds

Vital statistics



          Maximum air-flow rate                  Capacity of collection unit        
          Cyclone Separator                  21.7 inches by 12 inches by 11.8 inches                   11 pounds                  7,593 cubic feet per hour                  12 liters