Entry-level printer produces prototypes in array of colors

April 1, 2020
Stratasys' J826 makes full-color parts from ABS resins, composites and rubber-like materials.

J8 Designed for making prototypes, each of the 3-D printers in this Stratasys series can make full-color parts, with more than 500,000 distinguishable color combinations available. The machines have the capacity to hold and print seven resins simultaneously, which reduces the downtime associated with material changeovers. Material choices include ABS resins, composites and rubber-like materials.

What’s new? The J826, the entry-level printer in the J8 series.

Benefits Ease of use and more effective prototyping and lower prototyping costs. Because of the extensive array of available colors and resins, the J826 can produce parts that nearly perfectly simulate the parts that might be created using industrial-level processes. 

Stratasys Ltd., Eden Prairie, Minn., 800-801-6491, www.stratasys.com

Vital Statistics

       System dimensions                  2.7 feet by 4.3 feet by 2.2 feet        
          System weight                  516 pounds        
Material cabinet          3.7 feet by 2.2 feet by 2.1 feet        
Material cabinet weight          337 pounds        
          Build size                  10 inches by 9.9 inches by 7.9 inches        
          Minimum horizontal layer thickness                  14 microns