Improved 3-D printer easy to use, reliable

Sept. 20, 2016
Maker's Tool Works' 3-D printer has a build volume of 250mm by 315mm by 250mm and handles a variety of print materials.

MTW Create Maker's Tool Works' newest 3-D printer features a build volume of 250mm by 315mm by 250mm and can handle a variety of print materials, including PLA, PET glycol (PETG), ABS and a number of other flexible and high-temperature plastics. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, the printer costs $2,295 preassembled or $1,895 as a kit. A second nozzle is available as an option. It is suited for prototyping, among other uses.

What's new? A number of improvements, representing an evolution of Maker's Tool Works' MendelMax 3 series, which entered the market before the MTW Create. The new printer has smooth, dependable movement, built-in Wi-Fi and a 5-inch touch screen.

Benefits Big volume with little need for maintenance, thanks to the printer's robust construction. Compared to the MendelMax, the MTW Create is also easier to assemble. It has an open design, so it's also customizable.

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