Latest Titan printers have Wi-Fi capabilities

Aug. 22, 2016
Kudo3D's newest stereolithographic printers use digital-light processing.

Titan 2 & Titan 2HR Kudo3D's newest stereolithographic printers use digital-light processing. The Titan 2, pictured, can print in a range of resolutions, from 37 to 100 microns, while the Titan 2HR is more precise, with resolution of within 28-50 microns.

What's new? The printers, which represent an upgrade over the Titan 1. Unlike the Titan 1, the new printers are WiFi-enabled; one user can control multiple printers, or multiple users can control individual printers through their own devices. Other new features include a shutter that's been added to the front of the printers' projector to reduce background exposure. The printers include a new build platform, which lowers vacuum force, making the machines compatible with high-viscosity resins.

Benefits Printing versatility. The printers, which are compatible with many materials, can print a range of objects, from parts as thin as a human hair to items as tall as 9.5 inches.

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