3-D Sidebar: Molders can get 3-D training

March 31, 2016

Alpha 3D Professionals LLC, Traverse City, Mich., will begin rolling out training courses around May or June specifically for injection molders who are interested in learning more about 3-D printing. Alpha 3D provides 3-D printing services to a number of industries along with consulting and training.

"Our main goal is to educate injection molders, to get them into the loop," said Christopher Nesbit, CEO of Alpha 3D. "We would prefer it to be a competitive advantage rather than a competitive threat."

The courses will be held at Alpha 3D's facility, said Nesbit, who founded Alpha 3D. Travel to other locations to provide training is not out of the question, though the initial plan is to provide classes from one location. Training and consulting company RJG Inc., also based in Traverse City, is an adviser on the project.

Among other topics, injection molders can expect to learn how 3-D printing is being used and what type of equipment is right in their particular setting.

The technology is destined for significant growth in industrial applications, Nesbit said, and companies are already engineering machines that can compete directly against injection molding. Growth of 3-D printing in the consumer market has brought awareness to the industrial market, which  is starting to develop at a faster pace.

The technology "definitely moves at a pace that is going to change some things," said Nesbit. "The game definitely is going to change here in less than five years."

Angie DeRosa, managing editor

[email protected]


Alpha 3D Professionals, 231-360-0179, www.alpha3dpros.com

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