Rotoline system dispenses powder for rotomolding

Oct. 24, 2023
The Automatic Weighing System weighs and dispenses precise batches into a container to match the requirements of the mold.

Automatic Weighing System Rotoline simplifies the use of its rotomolding machines with the introduction of its Automatic Weighing System. The system is a freestanding structure that weighs and dispenses precise batches of powder into a container to match the requirements of the mold that is to be loaded. The operator can enter the weight of powder to be dispensed into the simple operating interface, or use the included bar-code scanner to read the required batch size from a sticker on the container. The system has a small silo on top of the scale, and when sensors identify low material level, the included vacuum loading system can refill it from a gaylord, bulk bag or other source of resin.  

What’s new? The Automatic Weighing System.  

Benefits Decreased errors and material waste. The automatically dispensed weights can cut out mistakes made when resin is measured by hand. The system can produce daily reports with shot weight information that include the time and date of each weight dispensed to track each batch. Its compact footprint allows it to be positioned in small spaces without crowding other equipment on the factory floor. An optional label printer can print a sticker with the weight loaded into a container, as well as the time and date it was loaded.  

Rotoline USA, Kent, Ohio, 330-677-3223, 

Vital Statistics 

Unit size 

10.4 feet tall by 2.6 feet wide by 2.85 feet deep 

Dosing capacity 

0.44 pound to 22 pounds 

Maximum silo capacity 

66 pounds 

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