Engel's viper robots extend their reach

Feb. 1, 2020
Optional feature adds nearly 8 inches to the X-axis of four models for efficient part removal.

viper Engel’s viper linear robots can be integrated with Engel’s injection molding machines or used as stand-alone units with competitors’ machines. The versatile, high-performance robots are designed to provide fast, efficient part removal. Sizes range from the viper 6, which has a nominal load capacity of 13.2 pounds, to the viper 120, with a nominal load capacity of 265 pounds.

What’s new? An increase in the robots’ take-off stroke. Available as an option, the feature adds nearly 8 inches to the X-axis of viper models 12, 20, 40 and 60, which have standard strokes of 23.6 inches, 35.4 inches, 47.2 inches and 59 inches, respectively. The increase does not affect the load-bearing capacities and maximum dynamics of the robots, due to the company’s iQ vibration-control technology, which actively compensates for vibrations, and software that precisely determines the load condition while taking into account the robot’s kinematics. The option debuted at K 2019 and is now available worldwide.

Benefits Cost savings. Small robots can handle tasks that previously required a much larger robot.

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