MouldPro nippers bring the heat

March 18, 2024
They make degating and cutting less strenuous, and can handle fragile materials without causing cracks.

Heated nippers The blades of the newest nippers available through Globeius are warmed up by built-in 29-watt heaters. Employees can use them to degate or cut plastic parts as part of secondary assembly operations. With a variety of available blade sizes, they can handle sprues of all sizes and any material. 

What’s new? The nippers, made by MouldPro ApS, Ballerup, Denmark. They have recently been added to Globeius’ stable of products available in North America.  

Benefits Easier and more efficient degating, and the production of cuts with a smooth, clean finish. The nippers help reduce hand and wrist injuries amongst operators by making degating less strenuous. Their sharp, heated blades make crack-free cutting of fragile materials, including styrene and acrylics, easier — even at room temperature.  

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