Kuka software eases robot installation and startup

May 17, 2024
The Kuka.MixedReality app uses augmented reality to detect errors and provide information to correct them.

Kuka.MixedReality Assistant Kuka has leveraged the power of smartphones and augmented reality (AR) to make robot cell installations and startups easier with this app. Users download the app to their smartphone, and install the Kuka.MixedReality Safe software in the robot controller, which serves as a data source to transmit all relevant information about the robot to the mobile device via WLAN. The app allows users to visualize the environment of robot cells on their smartphones in real time. Users also can view the corresponding configurations of the spaces and tools.  

What’s new? The Kuka.MixedReality app. 

Benefits Fast, user-friendly and safe robot cell installations. The use of AR technology connects the real and virtual worlds, quickly detecting errors and providing clear, uncomplicated information for users to correct them. For example, the software will simulate robot motion along with a virtual gripper and detect any potential collisions that arise in the AR environment, so users can resolve these issues before they arrive, preventing damage to the robot or gripper. The app can speed setup to complement the Kuka.SafeOperation technology package, enabling human-robot collaboration that can reduce cycle times. AR headsets and additional hardware are not required. 

Kuka Robotics Corp., Shelby Township, Mich., 866-873-5852, www.kuka.com 

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