TwinTrack simplifies programming for RoboDK-controlled robots

Jan. 26, 2024
The software allows users to move a probe by hand, and the robots will record and mimic the movements.

TwinTrack Compatible with the 1,000-plus robots RoboDK supports from other OEMs, this software allows users to program robots simply by moving a probe by hand, so the robots can record and mimic the movements.  

What’s new? Easier, more cost-effective access to a probe that can be used along with the RoboDK software to program robot movements. RoboDK has made the instructions for a TwinTrack probe publicly available, allowing prospective RoboDK users to 3D print their own probes with any 3D printer. When programmed with the DIY probe, a robot can achieve an accuracy to within 5mm, which is suitable for many robotic tasks, including painting, dispensing, and picking and placing items. 

Benefits The ability to record robot trajectories quickly and easily, so users can put the robots into production faster. Unlike other technologies used to teach robots, the TwinTrack system — comprising the software and probe — is cost-effective, according to RoboDK. In all, it costs only a couple thousand dollars — a significant savings over a more sophisticated laser tracker, which could cost $100,000. 

RoboDK Inc., Montreal, 855-692-7772, 

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