Baruffaldi punching and coining machine adds tape applicator

Oct. 10, 2023
It can apply one or two strips of double-sided tape on the outside of the cable duct bottom.

POVI 10.000 Equipped with an Industry 4.0 open-source web platform developed in partnership with Mind4Machines, Baruffaldi’s off-line hydraulic punching and coining machine can process PVC and PC-ABS electrical cable ducts. The machine also can be equipped with additional units, including a feed-in table, a scoring unit, a brushing machine to remove any possible dust, or a simple tilt table or palletizer. In addition, the punching process can be combined with an embossing process, which consists of making a “fingerprint” on the outer profile surface, making it easier to remove the pre-punched part by hand during installation. 

What’s new? A new independent tape applicator positioned between the score line unit and the brushing machine. It can apply one or two strips of double-sided tape on the outside of the cable duct bottom. It is equipped with a cutting device that ensures the products are handled correctly.  

Benefits Flexibility. With two independent drive groups for tape application, the new tape applicator allows users to decide between adding one tape or two. Because the POVI 10.000 is an off-line technology, it can work at speeds faster than extrusion lines, allowing users to achieve high throughputs and to process different cable duct sizes. 

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology Srl, Johnson City, Tenn., 423-480-4517, 

Vital Statistics

Dimensions that can be punched 

15mm by 15mm to 100mm by 150mm 


About 39 feet per minute 
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