Absolute Robot upgrades Max series

June 2, 2023
New servo drives boost speed, while axes of control have increased from five to 16.

Top-entry robots  Absolute Robot Inc.’s (ARI) Max series of full-servo, top-entry robots is available in three-axis and five-axis configurations with models capable of serving injection molding machines with up to 3,300 tons of clamping force. They can handle a variety of tasks, including insert loading, part discharge and basic downstream functions, such as trimming, labeling and stacking.  

What’s new? Major upgrades to the control system and servo drives, available on all models of the Max series. The introduction of the Y-Free function lets the robot synchronize takeout to part ejection, rather than waiting for the ejectors to fully advance before grabbing the part. The new Max-series control has between five and 16 axes of control  taking it from a simple three-axis robot to one that can control downstream automation, with the ability to spin, grab, flip and reorient parts in exponentially more ways. The robots also have adopted new, higher-performing ASDA-A3 servo drives.  

Benefits Improved overall performance. The new servo drives increase robot speed by 10 to 15 percent. In conjunction with the Y-Free function, the more-efficient servo drives cut cycle time, boosting profitability. Despite the major increase in axes of control, the robot’s layout, programming and form-factor are unchanged, which ARI said means the Max-series robots are easier to operate than conventional floor-mounted, six-axis robots. 

Absolute Robot Inc., Worcester, Mass., 508-792-4305, www.absoluterobot.com 

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