Open-platform printer offers versatility

June 3, 2020
EOS' new Integra P 450 can use a wide range of materials to make both prototypes, as well as products for serial production.

Integra P 450 This new, mid-range 3-D printer from EOS can perform both prototyping and serial production. The powder-bed-based machine features a thermal imaging camera, a 120-watt carbon dioxide laser and eight independently controlled heating zones that can produce temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.  

What’s new? The printer, which came out a few months ago.  

Benefits Cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and repeatable, consistent part production. The fast, efficient printer is considered an open-platform technology, meaning users can employ a wide range of nylon, elastomer and polyetherketoneketone resins. Also, compared with comparable machines, the printer is less expensive to use. It is built for long service life. 

EOS of North America Inc., Novi, Mich., 877-388-7916, 

Vital Statistics

Dimensions  About 6.8 feet by 4.3 feet by 8.1       
Weight  4,000 pounds 
Build volume 16.5 inches by 16.5 inches by 19.7 inches  
Typical build rate   About 1 inch per hour