Hasco switches help generate electronic signal in mold

April 8, 2020
The Z1472 and Z1476 proximity switches are designed for long service life.

Proximity switches Hasco’s new inductive proximity switches are used to monitor the position of components in injection molds and work by generating an electromagnetic alternating field; when a conductive material approaches the field, it creates an electronic signal. The switches have a stainless-steel housing that can be flush-mounted. They are suited for use in high temperatures.

What’s new? Two series of switches. Switches in the Z1472 line have threads. Z1476 switches are square.

Benefits Precise position monitoring and long service life. Unlike mechanical switches, the proximity switches work without physically contacting mold components, so they can’t be damaged from wear. Additionally, the devices are shock- and vibration-resistant and have wiring that is protected from short circuits and polarity reversal.

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