Meltio metal 3D printer is larger than predecessor

June 6, 2024
The M600 cuts energy consumption thanks to its blue laser., and has a build volume much larger than the M450.

M600 Meltio 3D printer is designed to bring metal additive manufacturing out of its current niche and introduce it to the broader world of industrial production. The M600 employs  Meltio’s wire-laser technology, using common welding wire as its feedstock. It has a fully inert workspace, smart sensors, support for various workholding solutions and a built-in three-axis touch probe.

What’s new? The M600, which features a much larger build volume than its predecessor – the M450 – and incorporates a blue laser head for printing.

Benefits Faster printing and reduced energy consumption, thanks to the blue laser. The M600 is designed to interface well with CNC machines in machine shops and production environments. Its probe and workholding options allow users to not only print entire parts, but to add features to or repair existing parts. Its welding wire feedstock is cheaper and safer to handle than more commonly used metal powders, and cuts the risk of contaminating CNC machines.

Meltio US, east of the Mississippi: 978-697-4258, west of the Mississippi: 915-282-3437,  

Vital Statistics

M600 dimensions

3.4 feet by 3.8 feet by 6.4 feet

System weight

2,204 pounds

Build envelope

11.8 inches by 15.7 inches by  23.6 inches

Laser wavelength

450 nanometers

Filtration system

Three-stage particulate and chemical filtration included

Available metals

Stainless steels, tool steels, nickel, invar, Inconel, titanium, copper and aluminum alloys



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