MCS temperature controllers are user-friendly

March 1, 2024
The three models in this PCS line are easy for even untrained users to operate.

MCS temperature controllers The hot-runner temperature controllers in this PCS line are available in three tabletop models that can control six to 12 zones, 18 to 24 zones and 30 to 36 zones, as well as a large unit on rollers that can control from 42 to 120 zones for fast and precise temperature control for all injection weights and hot runners. Each of the tabletop models has an integrated, tiltable 7-inch touch screen, and a 19-inch touch screen is a standard feature for the largest unit. The controllers can be connected and used as a single unit, allowing up to 480 zones to be operated from a central location.  

What’s new? The MCS controllers.  

Benefits User-friendly interface. The controllers’ simple, intuitive screen layout and smart navigation options allow even untrained users to safely and confidently operate them without the need for manuals or training. Integrated service and support make troubleshooting easy: When a malfunction occurs, the controller provides precise instructions in words and pictures, and users can follow on-screen arrows for step-by-step assistance. The controllers have Industry 4.0 capabilities thanks to a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server that enables the controller’s screen content to be displayed on a remote computer or mobile device equipped with a VNC viewer. Using the VNC, the MCS hot runner controllers also can be controlled remotely by an injection molding machine that has a VNC client. 

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