Renishaw RenAM 500 makes parts faster, more economically

Jan. 4, 2024
The metal laser powder bed fusion printer can be used to make molds with conformal cooling channels.

RenAM 500 The metal laser powder bed fusion 3D printers in this Renishaw series have a range of end uses that include producing molds with conformal cooling channels. The 500S has one high-powered laser, while the 500Q has four; in both cases, each laser is able to access the whole powder bed simultaneously.  

What’s new? The RenAM 500 Ultra, which debuted at Formnext 2023 featuring faster printing. Renishaw says its TEMPUS technology, which is included with the RenAM 500 Ultra, uses new scanning algorithms to maximize part build efficiency by allowing the laser to fire while the powder recoater is in motion.  

Benefits Faster, more economical part builds. With the Tempus technology, users get up to an additional 9 seconds of productive build time for every layer printed, cutting build times by up to 50 percent compared with traditional powder bed systems without affecting part quality. The printer comes standard with Renishaw’s process-monitoring hardware and software, which allows it to collect process data from every build. The printer’s build chamber vacuum system greatly reduces the in-chamber oxygen content, the amount of time it takes to produce an inert atmosphere inside the chamber and the volume of argon gas used for every build.  

Renishaw PLC, West Dundee, Ill., 847-286-9953, 

Vital Statistics

Machine size 

4 feet long by 7.1 feet wide by 6.9 feet high 

Build volume 

9.8 inches by 9.8 inches by 13.7 inches 

Available metals 

Stainless steel, tool steels, aluminum alloys, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys  

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