Absolute Haitian enters CNC machine market

Oct. 23, 2023
Best known in the U.S. for its injection molding machinery, the company is now targeting mold making and repair.

By Karen Hanna  

A company best known in the U.S. for its plastics injection molding machines is bringing its global expertise in CNC equipment to this country. 

At an open house in September at a facility in Moncks Corner, S.C., Absolute Haitian showed off two CNC machines — a TC25IIX500 CNC lathe and a VMC850 II vertical machining center — marking for the first time CNC equipment from Haitian Precision Machinery Co., Ningbo, China, has been available in the U.S. market. 

With the introduction of Haitian’s CNC line, the company is leveraging its familiarity among injection molders.  

“A number of injection molders in the United States, a high number, also have mold making capability,” said Patrice Aylward, communications consultant for Absolute. “And they’re either manufacturing molds, or they’re doing mold repair, and it’s necessary to their production model. And those customers who are like that, when they came to the open house, they made a beeline to those CNC machines.” 

Aylward said the company’s Chinese parent firm formed its Haitian Precision company — which makes CNC machinery — in 2002, giving it plenty of time to burnish its know-how for the U.S. market. She explained the strategy of initially selling the machines closer to the company’s headquarters in China: “They can keep a close eye on the quality and the effectiveness of the equipment. Troubleshooting can be done more easily. That’s where they start a rollout.”  

Coming to the U.S. meant making some refinements.  

“You need to adapt to the local market requirements,” Aylward said. “Language screens, safety regulations, compliance, local guidelines, all those things come after the equipment is proven, then you start adjusting all those things.” 

While Haitian Precision’s equipment is new to the U.S. market, it’s hardly unproven. In 2021, the company, which employs around 1,900 people, sold more than 4,800 machines in Asia, Europe, Mexico and South America. With some equipment already in stock in South Carolina, by 2024, Absolute will offer its complete line — including vertical and horizontal machining centers, lathes and dual column machining centers. 

In addition to the CNC equipment from Haitian Precision, Absolute now offers die casting equipment, made by Haitian Die Casting, a company formed by the Haitian Group in 2016, which makes machines up to 9,000 tons. 

Describing Haitian as “a reliable partner” to molders, Aylward said the company offers a number of advantages as it begins to complement its line of presses with CNC equipment. 

With many manufacturers already using Haitian molding equipment, potential customers now can take advantage of single-supplier sourcing from a company they trust, she said. 

“As is typical with equipment made in China, our price is favorable,” Aylward said.  


Absolute Group, Moncks Corner, S.C., 843-420-1919, www.absolutehaitian.com 

Vital Statistics: TC25IIX500 

Swing over bed diameter 

About 22 inches 

Swing over saddle 

About 12.6 inches 

Maximum turning diameter 

About 15.7 inches 

Maximum turning length 

About 21.6 inches 

Maximum spindle speed 

4,500 revolutions per minute 

Vital Statistics: VMC850 II  

X-axis travel 

About 33.5 inches 

Y-axis travel 

19.6 inches 

Z-axis travel 

19.6 inches 

Spindle speed 

8,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) or 12,000 rpm 

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