Hex installer eases platen repair

March 8, 2023
C-Pins act as a fail-safe against back-out on C-Sert thread repair inserts on injection molding platens.

C-Pin hex installer Designed for heavy industrial applications, C-Sert Manufacturing’s C-Sert thread repair inserts can be used to make a permanent repair to stripped threads. In the plastics industry, C-Serts can be used to repair platens on injection molding machines, where stripped threads can be caused by frequent mold changes and production pressures. They are self-tapping and made of through-hardened S7 high-impact tool steel. C-Serts have external grooves, to which customers can add a C-Pin, which acts as a fail-safe against back-out.  

What’s new? The C-Pin hex installer, which adds self-alignment capabilities for the C-Pin.  

Benefits Smoother, faster installation of the C-Pin. Customers had previously pounded C-Pins into place with a hammer — which could occasionally cause the C-Pin to break. The C-Pin hex installer eliminates any chance of C-Pin breakage.  

C-Sert Manufacturing, Portland, Ore., 971-347-3185, www.c-sert.com 

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