Hasco adds temperature-control units

Feb. 17, 2023
The four new controllers for hot runners offer a range of capacities and features to match the requirements of many applications.

Hot-runner control units Hasco has unveiled four temperature-control units for its hot runners: the Basezone H1250, Clickzone H1270, Valuezone H1252 and Primezone H1281.  

What’s new? The control units. The simple plug-and-play Basezone H1250 controller features a soft-start mode, LED displays and classic boost and stand-by functions. It is available with one, two or four control zones. The Clickzone H1270 is suitable for three to six modular units and features a two-color LED strip to indicate operating status. It can be replaced quickly and easily during operation. The Valuezone H1252 is available in two versions with six or 12 control zones. It includes a programmable soft start, a constant power display and a switch-over temperature sensor. Under optimum conditions, it has a control accuracy within 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The Primezone H1281 is available in three table-top sizes to control between six and 48 zones precisely and reliably, and a mobile version that can handle from 64 to 96 zones. It boasts a touch-screen display, intuitive operation and comprehensive diagnostic functions. 

Benefits Precise, easy temperature control  a key factor in molding quality. The controllers offer a range of capacities and features to match the requirements of many applications.    

Hasco America Inc., Fletcher, N.C., 828-650-2600, www.hasco.com 

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