Mold-Masters improves nozzle for preforms

Feb. 3, 2023
The PET-Series nozzle boasts a better thermal profile and leakage protection.

PET-Series Mold-Masters' two-stage hot-runner system for PET preforms incorporates the company’s iFlow manifold technology and a new PET-series nozzle. Its iFlow manifold has been optimized to offer lower pressure drop, allowing for faster fill, wider process window and the ability to fill thinner parts. 

What’s new? The nozzle, which boasts a better thermal profile than previous Mold-Masters PET nozzles. The PET-Series has a field-replaceable heater and sleeve and industry-standard gate design. 

Benefits Consistent high-performance processing capabilities. Even during cold startup, the updated PET-Series provides enhanced leakage protection between the nozzle and manifold, thanks to Mold-Masters' MasterShield leak-protection technology. 

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