5-axis hybrid combines laser deposition welding, conventional milling

June 22, 2020
DMG Mori's Lasertec 125 3D hybrid can complete every step of a repair with a single setup.

Lasertec 125 3D hybrid DMG Mori’s hybrid additive unit combines laser deposition welding and conventional milling, both with five-axis capabilities. It can be used to create, modify or repair molds and tooling.

What’s new? A series of upgrades, offering a larger working envelope, higher-powered laser and higher productivity than DMG Mori’s earlier hybrids.

Benefits Automated, fully integrated workflow. In the case of mold repair, with a single setup, the user can probe the damaged area, machine away the worn section, additively rebuild the section, complete final machining and then run a final measurement to confirm the repair. The AM Assistant integrates software and thermal imaging to monitor such variables as the powder flow, nozzle-to-part distance and melt pool, helping to cut reject rates.

DMG Mori, Hoffman Estates, Ill., 847-593-5400, additive.dmgmori.com

Vital statistics
Maximum X-axis travel  52.6 inches
Maximum Y-axis travel  49.2 inches
Maximum Z-axis travel  35.4 inches
Maximum table load  4,409 pounds
Table diameter  49.2 inches