Meusburger steel suited for automotive, consumer goods molding

June 17, 2020
Standard mold plates and cavity plates made of 1.2738 TSHH steel are wear-resistant and offer high thermal conductivity.

1.2738 TSHH steel This hardened, tempered mold steel from Meusburger is especially suited for cavity plates with deep cavities and high core loads. It offers a high level of thermal conductivity and wear-resistance and has excellent characteristics for polishing and texturing. It is especially suited for making molds used in the automotive industry and is applicable for molds used to produce consumer goods.

What’s new? Standard mold plates and cavity plates made from 1.2738 TSHH steel available from stock.

Benefits The convenience of using standard, in-stock mold plates. Also, because the steel is already hardened and tempered, no further heat treatment is needed, saving time and money during machining and production.

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