Mold steel provides improved venting characteristics

June 12, 2020
Molder's World's Vortex steel features 7-micron pores that allow gas to flow through it easily.

Vortex This new self-venting mold steel from Molder’s World can be used to make injection molds in which filling the mold cavity might be difficult. 

What’s new? The mold-steel line. Molder’s World has rolled out both round and rectangular offerings in a variety of sizes over a series of months, as well as plugs and core pins.

Benefits Improved venting, and, compared with the steel that Molder’s World previously supplied, better corrosion-resistance, bending strength and hardness for durability. Gas can easily exit through the 7-micron pores that are interspersed throughout the mold steel, eliminating the possibility of gas buildup and reducing injection pressure and cycle times. Using the mold steel improves part-surface characteristics and lowers scrap rates. Finally, the Vortex products are less expensive than the products in Molder’s World’s previous line. 

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