Sacmi updates Smart Pack control package

June 7, 2024
Smart Pack 2 brings faster setup and real-time self-adjustments to Sacmi's CCM cap presses.

Smart Pack Sacmi’s advanced control package, including onboard hardware and software, can be installed on the company’s latest-generation continuous compression molding (CCM) presses, including the CCM24SF, CCM32MC, CCM48SD and CCM64MC. It is designed to simplify operations, prevent errors and waste and provide for long-lasting mold and machine efficiency. It can handle correct pellet dosing, monitor and detect looming problems involving the CCM’s hydraulic system, and monitor the thermodynamics of the molding and cooling processes. The control package includes an easy-to-use interface.

What’s new? The latest version, Smart Pack 2, now available on Sacmi's CCM cap presses. By the end of the year, the control package also will be available with Sacmi’s SFM slitting and folding machines. The latest version includes a prediction button that forecasts machine behavior over time, anticipating any production drifts and expediting proactive maintenance.

Benefits Deep control of the entire molding process, from hydraulics to consumption, to ensure quicker, easier machine setup and precise, fast and efficient production. With the control package, the CCM machines can make real-time self-adjustments, and users can leverage process data to optimize production and prevent product defects. The Smart Pack system automatically detects when an incorrect resin has been loaded. Data matching between the set recipe and the rheological characteristics of the incoming resin ensures the press automatically recognizes any wrong material. Additionally, data generated, collected and sorted by SmartPack form the basis for the medium- to long-term analysis of SmartCare, Sacmi’s digital service designed to monitor the health status of connected machines.

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