PLASTICS: A keynote speaker with a heart for technology 

April 11, 2024
Michael Cicco, president and CEO of Fanuc America, will deliver a keynote address at NPE2024. 

NPE2024 is going to be a very new and different experience for attendees. It will include more opportunities for learning and productive interaction than ever, allowing industry professionals to connect with one another and the many experts among our various speakers.  

PLASTICS has worked to see that everyone comes away having had an individual experience — thus our “Made For You” theme for NPE2024. But even with all that innovation, the essence of NPE2024 remains the same. It is, at heart, an opportunity for the manufacturers of equipment and technology to connect with the companies that need that equipment and technology. 

That core NPE identity is one of the reasons PLASTICS is particularly excited to have Michael Cicco, president and CEO of Fanuc America Corp., as an NPE2024 keynote speaker. No one is better suited to addressing an equipment-and-technology audience at such a broad-spectrum event as NPE2024. 

Meet Michael Cicco 

Prior to joining Fanuc in 1999, Cicco worked as lead automation engineer for Northrop Grumman’s Automation and Information Systems group. That was followed by a wide-ranging Fanuc career that included positions as software/controls manager, district sales manager and national account manager before he was named GM of several robot division groups.  

In 2015, Cicco was promoted to VP of Fanuc’s North and South American sales and execution and was then appointed to the role of president and CEO at Fanuc America in April 2016. He has responsibility for all the company’s operations in North and South America and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Fanuc Corp. (Japan). 

PLASTICS recently had an opportunity to ask Cicco a few questions prior to his appearance at NPE2024: 

Why is it important for people to attend NPE2024? 

“As the largest plastics trade show in the Americas and a major global business event, NPE is a significant platform for the plastics industry, providing insights into cutting-edge technologies, market trends and best practices to help accelerate industry growth.” 

As an NPE2024 exhibitor, what does your company hope to achieve? 

“As an exhibitor at NPE, Fanuc America’s primary objective is to demonstrate our cutting-edge automated solutions and have meaningful discussions with attendees. We aim to assist businesses in leveraging robotics and automation to help them maximize efficiency, productivity and their competitive position in a global market.” 

What do you want people to take away from your keynote address? 

“I hope attendees leave with a better understanding of the transformative power of emerging technologies, especially AI, robotics and automation. My goal is to help them recognize the vital role automation plays in driving efficiency, precision and scalability across various industries. I encourage companies to explore the possibilities of automation solutions to overcome production challenges and stay competitive.” 

Don’t miss a unique and business-building experience 

All of us at PLASTICS certainly echo Mr. Cicco’s enthusiasm for NPE. We urge plastics professionals from throughout the supply chain and various organizations to join us for NPE2024, get up to date on all the innovation that has been developed, and immerse themselves in an incredible lineup of informative content and speakers.  

NPE2024 content is designed to give you practical ideas for your business and to help you with your personal professional development. Registration is simple, and we’re offering a selection of Expo Pass tiers to suit a variety of needs. It’s all part of providing an NPE2024 experience that is “Made For You.” 

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