Tarnell Co. LLC announces retirement of co-founder

Feb. 13, 2024
Stephen Tarnell has retired; Anthony Tarnell assumes duties as president and managing director of the data and business information provider.

Tarnell Company LLC announced that Stephen Tarnell, a founding member and the firm’s president and managing director, retired effective Dec. 31, 2023. Anthony Tarnell, a co-founding member who has served as executive vice president since 2001, has succeeded him.  

Tarnell Co. LLC, based in Providence, R.I., generates critical data and business information for suppliers and buyers in the plastics marketplace. 

Stephen Tarnell became president and managing director in April 2015, after the death of his brother, co-founder Andrew Tarnell. Since the company was founded in 2001, Stephen was responsible for sales, marketing, product and commercial development.  

During his leadership, Stephen spearheaded development of a new client portal, led development of sales support and credit programs, restructured staff and oversaw market development efforts. 

“During my 40 years of serving the plastics industry, I have had the gratifying experience of meeting many of the industry founders and its contemporary supply side financial and commercial development leaders,” Stephen Tarnell said. “Their focus, creativity and entrepreneurial drive have been personally energizing and stimulated our service offerings.”