FloSense 1.0 monitors water line flow

Nov. 27, 2023
Mouldpro's system kit can track temperature, flow rates and input and output pressure, as well as export graphs with 30 days of data.

Flosense 1.0 Users of this flexible flow monitoring system kit from Mouldpro ApS can tailor it to their specific needs to measure the differences in input and output temperatures and pressures in water lines for temperature controllers, water heaters, chillers and other equipment. It can operate in a temperature range of 32-320 degrees Fahrenheit, with flow rates from 0.13 gallons to 105 gallons per minute, and a pressure range from 0 to 145 pounds per square inch. In North America, the Ballerup, Denmark-based company’s products are available through Globeius.

What’s new? The Flosense 1.0, which Globeius began supplying in October.

Benefits Flexibility and ease of setup. Users can match sensors with their monitoring needs, whether they want to track just temperature, or temperature, pressure and flow monitoring, while the optional dual-sensor technology allows heat transfer and pressure loss to also be measured. While its sensors can be installed anywhere in the cooling system, the Flosense’s remote display allows for convenient monitoring. It has a simple interface with features that include graphs showing 30 days of data, a turbulent flow indicator, an alarm output and an export function.

Globeius, Medley, Fla., 305-889-1782, www.globeius.com 

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