Epson introduces new flagship GX-B Series of SCARA robots 

Nov. 29, 2023
The four robots in the line are equipped with the new RC700E controller with integrated SafeSense technology.

By Bruce Geiselman 

Epson Robots has introduced a line of high-power SCARA robots — the GX-B Series — that is equipped with the new RC700E controller with integrated SafeSense technology. 

Epson’s SafeSense technology provides safety-limited speed and position monitoring to enhance productivity while improving safe interaction between robots and human operators. The RC700E robot controller powers the entire GX-B Series of four robots, ranging from a payload of 8.8 pounds to 44.1 pounds and with maximum reaches of up to 39.4 inches.  

With a proper risk assessment, SafeSense Technology can enable seamless interaction between workers and robots without a safety fence, according to Epson. The controller enhances productivity, enables industrial collaborative robot applications, reduces the overall footprint of robot automation systems, and potentially reduces the overall cost of a robot automation system. 

“It’s really an industrial-rated CPU system of hardware and software to meet the advanced safety needs of customers,” Aaron Donlon, product manager at Epson Robots, told Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing.  

Epson says the new GX-B Series combines high speed, high repeatability and the ability for human interaction in a work cell. 

“For these customers that buy these robots, a lot of what we’re seeing is being driven by reshoring back to North America,” Donlon said. “We are seeing customers that buy these high-end robots, they really need high speed, high precision and high throughput on their production lines.” 

The GX-B Series of robots also use advanced Gyroplus vibration reduction technology to allow fast production speeds, smooth motion control and fast settling times. An internal inertia sensor is tied directly to the servo loop to dampen out residual vibrations for higher throughput, according to the company. 

“We utilize a hardware solution for residual vibration on the robotic arms,” Donlon said. “It’s a really neat technology that gets the customers the speed and the precision that they need on their lines … When a robot moves to a certain position, there’s always a little bit of residual vibration, and a little bit of overshoot or ringing. That just happens. It’s just a function of physics. But we added a hardware solution to that. We are measuring that vibration; we are actively putting a canceling wave out to that that allows us to build machines to hit the speed at these precisions with real throughput.” 

The new models are as follows: 
  • GX4B — payload of 8.8 pounds, and a reach of 9.8, 11.8 or 13.8 inches 
  • GX8B — payload of 17.6 pounds, and a reach of 17.7, 21.6, or 25.6 inches 
  • GX10B — payload of 22 pounds, and a reach of 25.6 or 33.5 inches 
  • GX20B — payload of 44.1 pounds, and a reach of 33.5 inches or 39.4 inches 

The GX4B and the GX8B were made available in October, and the GX10B and the GX20B will be available in January 2024 through Epson Robots’ channel of distributor partners. The robots are available for various environments with standard, electrostatic discharge (ESD), cleanroom/ESD, and IP65 (dust and water resistant) models available. Also available in the GX-B Series are integrated vision guidance, parts feeding, force guidance and conveyor tracking options. 

Last year, Epson introduced its GX series of SCARA robots, which are still available. The new GX-B Series robots add the new controller and SafeSense technology, and the GX10B and GX20B offer higher payloads. 


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