Ross Ribbon Blenders offer safe, efficient powder blending

Dec. 13, 2023
New Model 42N-18SS blender has unique operator access and safety features.

Ribbon blenders Ross ribbon blenders can handle a wide range of dry materials, including powders or granules for pharmaceutical, chemical or plastics applications, while also efficiently incorporating minor liquid components, providing effective coating of individual solid particles.

What’s new? The Model 42N-18SS ribbon blender. It is configured with an agitator that has a solid double-ribbon design, and internal flanges are welded to shaft stub ends. It features a heavy-duty anti-friction bearing on the non-driven end. Liquid additions can be made through a spray bar with fan-type spray nozzles that is installed on the trough. Operators control the blender with a 4-inch color touch screen that includes a cycle timer, start/stop, forward/reverse and speed settings. 

Benefits Operator safety. The blender has a unique cover and safety grating, with split folding covers that allow operators to see what is going on in the mixing vessel and make additions. Even with the cover open during operation, the two-piece safety grating, which has 0.5-inch diameter perforations, protects nearby workers. Its 10-horsepower gearmotor can process materials with a bulk density of up to 60 pounds per cubic foot, and it has a maximum working capacity of 18 cubic feet. Cleanup is easy, thanks in part to the blender’s construction from type 316 stainless steel and interior surfaces that have been polished to a 150-grit finish.

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