Munson Machinery marks its 200th anniversary

May 15, 2023
The company is one of New York state's oldest continuously operating businesses.

Munson Machinery, which manufactures mixing, blending and size reduction equipment for plastics and other industries, is marking its 200th anniversary.

A. Munson and Company — later known as Munson Brothers, Munson Mill Machinery and finally Munson Machinery Co. — got its start in 1823 making grain milling machines, flour bolters (sorters), grinding supplies and waterpower equipment. It was the first U.S. company to manufacture French buhr millstones.

“It’s rare for a company to celebrate 200 years, so we are enormously thankful for the ingenuity, work ethic and skill of our predecessors and of current personnel who brought us to this milestone,” said Munson President Charlie Divine. “Long-term vision, sound fiscal management and bullet-proof machinery have seen Munson through numerous economic downturns, a civil war, two world wars and multiple pandemics.”

Based in Utica, N.Y., it is one of New York state’s oldest continuously operating businesses.