Mecademic robot is compact, versatile

March 6, 2023
On the new Meca500-R4 version, an emergency stop cuts power to the motor drives, not the entire robot, for quicker recovery.

Meca500-R4 Mecademic’s six-axis industrial robot has a tiny footprint and can be mounted in any orientation. It weighs about 10.6 pounds, and has a payload of 1.1 pounds and a reach of 12.9 inches with a repeatability of 5 microns. It has a built-in controller, precision servo control and zero-backlash gearboxes. The robot’s controller features an intuitive web interface for operation. It can be accessed via any web browser.

What’s new? The R4 version of the robot, an update to the R3. The major change is that, when the e-stop is pressed, it cuts power to the motor drives, not the entire robot.  

Benefits Quicker recovery from an emergency stop. Power remains for the controls, so the time necessary to return to operation is cut considerably.

Mecademic Robotics, Montreal, 514-360-2205,   

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