Sustain monitors resource and energy usage

April 14, 2023
Ei3's software offers immediate access to sustainability metrics such as energy use, carbon dioxide footprint, accumulated waste and more.
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Sustain Ei3’s resource and energy monitoring software application is intended to give manufacturers a company-wide measurement tool to make efficient use of resources, and reduce costs and scrap rates to achieve more-sustainable operations. Sustain uses sophisticated algorithms to balance the consumption of electric energy, pneumatic energy, water and other resources with changes in environmental conditions and production schedules 

What’s new? Released in October 2022, this app offers manufacturers direct and immediate access to the sustainability metrics of their operations: energy use, carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint, accumulated waste, etc. This allows producers to monitor their performance on a minute-by-minute, part-by-part basis and take action to improve the sustainability of their production.  

Benefits The possibility of more-sustainable production. Sustain provides a unique systematic method for tracking, analyzing and optimizing the use of resources. The application monitors the energy going into an injection molding machine and computes the energy use per part by dividing the units of production by the accumulated energy.   

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