Universal Robots, Rapid Robotics partner

Feb. 8, 2023
It will lead to more deployment of cobot work cells in North America.
Universal Robots Vector Logo

Rapid Robotics announced a new partnership that will see Danish collaborative robot producer Universal Robots (UR) supply cobot arms for Rapid Robotics’ deployment of cobot work cells in North America.

“As the number of unfilled, critical manufacturing roles increases and global economic uncertainty continues to impact supply chains, more and more North American manufacturers are turning to automation,” said Jordan Kretchmer, CEO and co-founder of Rapid Robotics. “This collaboration with UR helps us deploy more cobots, with a wider variety of capabilities, at a faster rate, ultimately helping manufacturers of all shapes and sizes manage and even thrive through the adversity they are facing.”

Rapid Robotics is integrated with and can deploy any cobot from the UR product portfolio, allowing for expansion in capabilities such as palletizing, box building and packing, and operations requiring a heavier payload or longer reach. Both companies offer fast turnaround for supplying the products, so Rapid Robotics’ customers can see automation in action in a matter of weeks versus months or years.

Based in San Francisco, Rapid Robotics offers a turnkey robotic workforce for most common machine operator tasks on a monthly subscription basis, providing automation without the capital costs of ownership.