D:Ploy accelerates automation programming

Jan. 30, 2023
OnRobot’s automated platform allows users to build, run, monitor and re-deploy applications, and is compatible with a variety of collaborative robot arms.

D:Ploy OnRobot’s D:Ploy automated platform allows users to build, run, monitor and re-deploy collaborative robot applications quickly and easily, with no programming required, in as little as a few hours. D:Ploy has a software element as well as the OR:Base  a hardware component that allows users to connect tablets or other devices to the system by scanning a provided QR code, so they can then configure the robot and cell components. D:Ploy can be used for palletizing, CNC machine tending, packaging and pick-and-place tasks; additional capabilities are planned for the future. 

What’s new? OnRobot’s D:Ploy platform. 

Benefits Up to 90 percent time savings compared to conventional solutions. In one example of the benefits of using the platform, the initial deployment of a palletizing application can be accomplished in just four hours, compared with the 40 hours that would traditionally be required. Users only need to add a few inputs, such as workpiece attributes and pick position, and D:Ploy automatically calculates program logic and robot movement based on obstacles and defined cell boundaries. Its ease of use makes it especially appealing to small and mid-sized manufacturers who have not previously adopted automation. D:Ploy is compatible with a wide range of robot arms, from makers including Fanuc, Universal Robots, Omron and ABB.  

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