Upgraded scanners boast blue lasers

Jan. 6, 2023
Creaform's new Elite series of HandyScan scanners perform better than the company's original Silver series.

HandyScan Creaform has designed its professional-grade 3D laser scanners so that they balance metrology-grade performance with an attractive price point. 

What’s new? New Elite-series versions of the original, Silver-series scanners. The HandySCAN 307 Elite and HandySCAN 700 Elite boast new electronics and blue laser technology. 

Benefits Faster acquisition, and improved performance and measurement reliability. The blue laser gives these scanners improved data capture on parts with complex or shiny surfaces. The Elite scanners capture higher-resolution data than earlier models. They have a user-friendly interface that provides a short learning curve, regardless of users’ level of expertise. 

Creaform USA Inc., Irvine, Calif., 855-939-4446, www.creaform3d.com 

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