Globeius offers free test grinding service

May 31, 2022
Globeius feeds customers' product into Moditec granulators, and returns video and the resulting regrind for evaluation.

Plastics machinery and equipment sales and service company Globeius Inc. is offering customers free test grinding of their parts, as well as a video of the process, to show the quality of the regrind from its Moditec granulators. Globeius is the exclusive North American distributor for Moditec granulators, which are from Vienne, France.

Moditec’s slow-speed granulators can handle many plastic types, including glass-filled nylon, ABS, PC, polybutylene terephthalate and others. There are multiple sizes available for beside-the-press use.

“Molders are looking for ways to incorporate regrind materials into their operations more than ever,” said Graeme Sands, GM of Miami-based Globeius. “The Moditec grinders, along with our other products, allow closed-loop solutions that allow them to sort, grind and reuse their plastics scrap.”